December NStyle: Unboxing


Kristie Carter

I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE my NSTYLE box!!!! I just received mine this afternoon and was in love at first scent!!!!! Such a beautiful scent when I opened my box! You have impeccable taste and I thank you so very much for all of the hard work that went into this wonderful box! I can't hardly wait for my August box!!!! God bless you!!!


I received my box....and oh my! I watched the reveal before I received it because I just couldn't wait. Everything is just beautiful Nikki. You included such beautiful touches! The packaging, the information cards and the uniqueness of the items you included made this box exquisite! I wasn't sure if I should continue my subscription, but ....yessss. I wouldn't have splurged on these items for myself otherwise, or even been aware that some exist. I'm very pleased, and thank you for the thought and care you put into making such an exceptional box.

Silvia Trinca

I knew this subscription was going to be amazing!!! I've got it this morning as late,last, perfect birthday gift (I'm from Milan, Italy) and it is just perfect! Great style, great selection, wonderful job!!! You made my day! I have no words.